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1 Necro 32
2 ViperZ 23
3 ImmaB 2
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Welcome to L2OutLaw server
L2Outlaw server, the original old school server. All our changes were designed to give the players somthing new and unique. We also have our unique mini quests that make it easier and more fun to level and less with that same-old-same-old grind.
PvP Based Game Play
You will find on L2Outlaw is very based on PvP and less on grinding and leveling. Buffs are 255 hours long, so you do not have to worry about them running out while you PvP. The NPCs and Traders sell just about all standard items you will need. Weapons, armor and crafting are done at the NPCs too. We have weekly castle sieges for massive PvP and epic battles.
Custom and Extended Skills
If you love custom skills L2Outlaw is the server for you. We have tons of custom skills giving you a dynamic PvP experience. The extended skill sets gives you more of the same skill sets like you see on servers. With the extended skill you'll have better stats, which better defines each class for more blanced PvP. If you are bored with same-old-same-old server the custom and extended skill give you different and refreshing style of game play.
Unique Gear and Items
We have a large number of unique/reworked items, such as armors, weapons, tattoos and other cool stuff. We have made it so most of the "normal" stuff that you will see on other servers is much easier to get. With our custom weapon SAs and cool armors reworks you will have hours of fun! We also have cool tattoos and other crazy stuff you can go create and craft. With all this cool custom gear it gives you a unique PvP experience with more options and setups then some common copypasta server.
Old School Style of Play
For those who like the old school style and game interface from the 2004-2005 area with custom upgrades then L2Outlaw is the server for you. L2Outlaw gives you that 2004-2005 experience old school style with our unique designed based on player feed back.
A Strong History
Here at L2Outlaw, we have worked hard on giving players somthing different then just your average server. Since 2015 we have worked on our custom servers and games and with L2Outlaw you know you will get somthing unique and fun. When compared to other servers L2Outlaw in a league of our own.
Server Status
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TOP PK Ranking
1 Necro 435
2 Dagger 6
3 ImmaB 3
4 ViperZ 2
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